Roblox – now anyone can invest in this company

Roblox Corp., the developer of one of the most popular games on the planet, Roblox, has filed for a public offering (IPO).

The company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the name RBLX. There have been rumors of an IPO filing for some time now, and it happened this week amid a rally in US stocks following the US presidential election.

Roblox Corp. revealed some new financial statistics, including third-quarter revenue of $242.2 million, up 91 percent from the previous quarter, CNBC reported.

The game boasts 36.2 million daily players worldwide and the developer has big plans for the future as he said he hopes to reach “billions” of users.

The company has a number of plans for future growth, including “significant investments” in game updates to make characters and worlds more realistic. “This investment should enable Roblox to maintain a collaborative experience in the entertainment, education and business markets,” said the developer.“First, we are actively working with our developer and creator community to help them improve their monetization. Second, we recently introduced our Roblox krnl download Premium subscription service, which we believe will increase the conversion of our free users to paid users and retention of our paying users, “the studio said. “Finally, we look forward to working with leading brands to create unique marketing opportunities on the Roblox platform.”

On the branding side, Roblox recently held a series of in-game gigs where “Old Town Road” singer Lil Nas X debuted a new single. The concert event was hugely popular, eclipsing the record set by the Travis Scott Fortnite Show.

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