PUBG Beginners Guide: Are you a beginner? These tips will help immediately

In this beginner’s guide we show you tips and tricks for PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Beginners can easily find their way into the game.

The popular battle royale shooter “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has now made it out of the early access phase on the PC and is available in the full version.

For the gamers among you who are just starting out with PUBG or who are still looking for a tip or two, we have summarized the most important things here in the beginner’s guide. Pubg mobile kr version esp hack download.

What is PUBG anyway? Weapons and armor

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or “PUBG” for short is a battle royale shooter. With up to 100 players you start together on one map and fight for survival. But only the last survivor wins.

Players fight together on the map for weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles or sniper rifles. For the weapons you collect improvements such as magazines, visors or silencers. Some weapons are exclusive and restricted to a specific map.You can only find these weapons on the Miramar desert map


In order to arm yourself against the gunfire, you collect armor in the form of protective vests or helmets. There are three levels of this

  • Level 1 gives 30% damage reduction and can withstand up to 80 damage before the item is destroyed
  • Level 2 gives 40% damage reduction and can take up to 150 damage before the item is destroyed
  • Level 3 gives 55% damage reduction and can take up to 230 damage before the item is destroyed

Death circles you

There is a safe zone so that not everyone is holed up in their little room armed to the teeth. All players outside this zone will gradually take more damage. This forces the population of the server to restrict their location to the safe zone. We will go into more detail in the section “Blue and Red Zone”.

At the start, the zone is still huge, but it gets smaller over the duration of a match. Whoever wants to survive here not only needs good aiming, but also strong nerves.

First person or third person? It’s a matter of taste

When you start PUBG, you first choose whether you want to start alone or with one or more other players. Your next decision will determine whether you gamble on an FPP (First Person Perspective) or TPP (Third Person Perspective) server.

PUBG Beginners Guide Game Choice

What you choose depends on your taste. In your game, however, everyone will play with the same point of view so that there are no advantages or disadvantages.

PUBG FPP TPPPUBG FPP TPP First person third person comparison

To make the difference clear, we show you two comparison pictures here.

  • As a first-person player, you gamble in the first person view that you know from shooters like CS: GO.
  • The third-person perspective offers a lot of insight into the surroundings by looking over the shoulder.

Map – Erangel or Miramar?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you can play on two different maps.

Erangel is the first map from PUBG. There is an island, lots of green spaces and fields and popular places like the school, where many players often meet for the bloody carnage.

PUBG Marker World Map
The Erangel card from PUBG

Miramar, the second map from PUBG, is a desert-style map. There is little grass here, but more sand and shades of brown. You will also find a small island there, as well as western-style weapons.

The Miramar card

Lobby and airplane – interactive map, where to go?

If you have selected your perspective and the team option, you go to the waiting lobby. All players selected for this match gather there. There is a total of 100 players in one match.

In the lobby, you can hop around, try out weapons, and shoot other players. However, you are all invulnerable there. You will quickly notice the voice chat. You can deactivate it via the menu in the sound options if other players annoy you.

The options available are easily explained. If you click on “Team only” on the voice channel, you can only hear the voice chat of your team members. If you click on “Nobody”, everything is quiet.

PUBG VoiceChat

When the 60 seconds waiting time has expired, each participant goes on the plane. Now press the M key to call up your map.

Now you can see from which direction the plane is flying over the map and which route it has in front of it. That changes with every match to add variety to the game. Now press the jump button (PC standard: F, controller standard: B) to jump out of the aircraft.

PUBG plane jump Miramar

To get down quickly, press and hold the forward button. But where can you get loot? Where are vehicles with which you can move quickly from A to B?

Best Landing Points – Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are a good way of finding your way around the maps. These are available for Erangel and Miramar.

There you set the flight direction of your aircraft and see which spots you can land at in order to quickly find a vehicle. Here we show you how the two maps work and what you can find there:

Land in densely populated places or completely outside?

Opinions on the best landing spots in PUBG differ widely within the community. Some players prefer remote locations away from the crowd. Those outside of the pack then collect their equipment and slowly but surely walk towards the safe zone. By then, a few other players had already erased themselves and the total number of match participants was significantly below 100.

PUBG player title

Good warm-up exercise with many players:

Other players like to end up in the fray, start at conurbations and go straight to the top. Loot the gun and let’s go! This method is particularly suitable for your first 5-10 matches a day. There you warm up and have contact with your opponent. PUBG professionals particularly like to use this method in the first few rounds to train their aiming and to warm up.

First gun and off you go

You parachuted to a position and landed. But what now?

  • Did you notice that a lot of players have flown to this position? Find a weapon quickly. But there is not much time left to sort out. Use the first gun you come across, load it and get ready to find an opponent around every corner or door.
  • Do you search in houses? Close the door behind you. Opponents then do not know whether a player was already in the house and looted there. A great way to surprise your opponents.
    • If the door is open, however, one thing is clear: someone has already been here. Then you and other players know that you should behave carefully there.

In an ideal starter gear, you have a short range weapon, like a shotgun. For longer distances, an assault rifle and a pistol and a few grenades and bandages. There is also a backpack and some armor. A sniper rifle is better suited for longer distances than an assault rifle, but there is little chance that you will find a sniper at the beginning of the game.

Blue and Red Zone

The blue zone is a huge enemy that wants to take your life. Over time, the zone takes up more space on the map and does more damage if you enter it (or if you couldn’t travel to the safe zone fast enough). The blue zone drives the players together in the safety zone and ensures that you move closer and closer to a point on the map.

After jumping out of the plane you have about two minutes until the first blue zone appears.

  • Zone 1: Takes about five minutes to spread. You can survive within the zone for four minutes and ten seconds (starting situation for the next zones always with full life and without counter-healing)
  • Zone 2: Fully expands in two minutes and 20 seconds. In it, players can survive two minutes and 46 seconds.
  • Zone 3: Fully expanded after a minute and 30 seconds. You survive in it for two minutes and five seconds.
  • Zone 4: Only takes a minute more to spread. In the zone you survive one minute and 40 seconds.
  • Zone 5: Takes 40 seconds to spread out. You survive in it for 34 seconds.
  • Zone 6: Is spread out after 30 seconds. You only survive in it for 20 seconds.
  • Zone 7: This zone is also expanded after 30 seconds. Here you only have 15 seconds to survive.
  • Zone 8 is almost completely spread out. You only live in it for 10 seconds.

The red zone – not that deadly in houses

After the first matches you will notice that red zones also appear. We already know from many other situations: red = dangerous. You instinctively run away.

PUBG Red red zone

In PUBG, however, the red zone is not “as” deadly as one thinks. It stays for about half a minute and bombs the selected area of ​​the map. If you move about it openly, you run a high risk. A hit from a bomb means death.

You can find shelter from the bombs in houses. Because somehow the explosives fail to destroy the booths in PUBG. You can then use the loud explosions to your advantage when moving in a building. Because steps from other players are easily ignored.

cheat sheet

In this section we have short tips for you that can help you during the match. Keep this list open on a second monitor or smartphone to quickly peck during a game.

  • Always keep moving
    • If you move, it will be harder for opponents to shoot you. Therefore you should always move. This also applies to looting. Meanwhile, the movement buttons spam. If you stand still, you scream for a headshot.
  • Change seat in the car
    • Depending on the situation, it is important to sit on a certain side of the vehicle. For example, to be undercover when you get out.
      • On the PC you press CTRL (left) and the keys 1,2,3,4 etc. to change the seat.
      • On the controller, press A (hold to switch to the driver’s seat).
  • Only shoot when you are sure that you will kill someone
    • You should avoid unnecessary shooting, otherwise you will reveal your position to the other players.
  • Always keep an eye on the safety zone
    • Pay attention to the timers that are displayed to you in the game.
  • Swimming – diving and surfacing
    • To dive, press the crouch button while swimming.
    • To emerge, press the jump button.
  • Always look around
    • You should always keep an eye on your surroundings both when jumping with the parachute and when running.
      • On the PC you hold down the “ALT” key and move the mouse so that you can look around freely.
      • Hold down “RB” on the controller and look around with the left analog stick.
  • Use loot to set traps
    • If you put popular items such as bandages on the floor of a house, opponents might think that nobody has been in that house. Then hide nearby to surprise the enemy.
  • The killcam is your friend
    • You died No problem. Check out the Killcam recording. There you can see the last seconds of your match from the opponent’s perspective. Here you can quickly find out what went wrong and how you could position yourself better, for example.
  • (Multiplayer) Better communication through coordinates
    • The best way to tell your allies about your opponent’s positions is with directions and coordinates. You can find this at the top of the screen.
    • “Nord-Ost 60 – someone is running across the street” is a clear message
    • “Over there on the stone” usually only brings up the counter question: “Where? Which stone? ” With itself.
  • (Multiplayer) announce cars – opponents or empty?
    • “There is a car” is an imprecise statement. Says directly whether there is an empty car there that you can use or whether you can see a moving car with opponents.
  • (Multiplayer) Announce grenades
    • A short announcement when you throw a grenade is important. This way, teammates know that they shouldn’t push, but wait for the explosion first.
    • It also shows whether the grenade was thrown by you or the enemy.
  • (Multiplayer) Squad Knockout and Prudence
    • When you register as a squad for a match, you fight against other squads. After you’ve knocked out an opponent, you shouldn’t try to kill them too. Keep an eye out for his squad members trying to help their member.

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