Ways to get secret icons, colors and coins in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a music runner with a pleasant soundtrack, the levels in which very soon cease to be simple and begin to bring pain and suffering. To somehow mitigate them, the developers gave the players the opportunity to customize their runner, and there are a lot of these possibilities, you just need to open them. How to do this will be discussed below.

There are quite a lot of colors in the game, so there is no point in indicating them, I will only list the actions you need to take to get them:

  • in the main menu, click on one of the figures flying in the background, another 99 will give a new color
  • make as many attempts as possible, round numbers (100, 500, 2000, 10000) reward
  • complete each level in a practical fashion
  • secret coins are scattered at each level, they are usually located in places where players are afraid to get into (on platforms near spikes, in cavities above the main border of the level), for 15 and 30 collected such coins also give colors
  • the game has a built-in level editor, so players regularly post their own, go through at least one to get a color, and if you don’t get bored, then you can get 199 more
  • jump more often, for 1000, 10000 and 20000 give achievements
  • evaluate online levels, after round numbers get new coloring pages, maximum number of ratings: 2000
  • add friends from 1 to 10
  • Like Geometry Dash on Facebook and subscribe to the RobTop Games developer channel on YouTube .

This secret is only revealed after you have accumulated 10 silver coins (they are scattered throughout the user levels). In the settings, an image of a lock will appear in the upper right corner, click on it to enter the room.  Mega hack v6 free You will need to enter the following codes in the line to get new avatars:

  • Lenny
  • Robotop
  • Blockbite
  • Spooky
  • Neverending
  • Mule
  • Ahead
  • Grandalfpotter
  • enter sequentially, but separately the numbers: 8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84
  • enter your username (registration required)
  • Spooky unlocks secret coin
  • Another way to get a coin is to quickly flip through the pages of the levels 3 times to the phrase “Coming Soon”.

Gods of Boom for iOS and Android

Boom, boom, I shot you down. I doubt Nancy will rewrite her text again, but at least the passage with the falling to earth is correct. The adaptation of the lyrics, which is so free and certainly sufficient for a penultimate place at the song contest, is of course due to an app title. Today Gods of Boom just came out. Oookay, not as mega fresh as a piece of asparagus straight from the field, more as fresh as a fast food menu just before closing time. This is already shown by the over 1 million downloads on Android and version number 2. The soft launch was already in other countries, now it is available worldwide, which probably means more opponents. Developer Game Insight , better known here for its building games with dragons, has tackled the genre of multiplayer shooting. Gods of boom game hack get it now!

Recently I was watching two children and I heard “Head Shot” from one of them and the other added, “This is particularly painful”. Football was hip and as senseless and brutal as the sport must feel for the ball, lawn sport never more reaches the brutality of a multiplayer fighting game. Anyway, Gods of Boom is USK 16, that much in advance.

Gods of Boom gameplay
Here our team, there somewhere on the map the other faction. Red against blue, tooth and tooth. Grenade after grenade. Shot after shot. Okay, understand the gameplay? The app is a fairly conventional PvP shooter, with the auto fire being the special feature. However, like auto aiming, it can also be switched off. The buttons for the actions can also be placed anywhere on the screen. Run, jump and escape through very different maps, all from a first-person perspective. Of course, the app immediately reminds you of … Team Fortress. Don’t you know Then maybe Gameloft’s adpation, Blitz Brigade, which has been successful for many years. There are differences and the best thing is that Gods of Boom has a lot of maps. 48 namely. No, it was the guns, not the cards. So 48 weapons from fast-firing assault rifles, area-covering shotguns to rifles for snipers or machine guns for the brawlers like on the home screen. There was something else … cards. There are a few. Skyscraper, European Small Town Labor, Mexico. I haven’t explored all of them yet.

Gods of Boom wins if you outdo the other team in terms of points in the limited time. You can die as often as you like, but you’re not there for the team during the respawn time. What I definitely miss is an overview map of the current level. Where are the opponents and how do I get to them? However, it is easy to find fellow players – in the clan, which enables group combat as game modes.

Gods of Boom is a free download, but there is an extensive shop: You can buy game currency or boxes with random content. There are numerous weapons that are only available in the shop for premium currency and the prices are around 15 euros, for example for the destroyer. Hm. To get further up the rankings, a little change is probably not bad. There are only timer-controlled boxes every 6 hours for free. You can watch advertising for the reward doubling.

Rainbow Six: Siege comes in 2020 as a free upgrade to PS5 & Xbox Series X with 120 FPS

The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have announced that their shooter will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2020. The game comes as a free upgrade for all owners and brings improved quality in 4K resolution and with 120 FPS.

What kind of shooter is that? Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best multiplayer shooters of 2020 and has been on the market for several years. According to Ubisoft, over 16 million players now play Rainbow Six. Free r6 credits generator Download

During the Ubisoft Forward, the developers have now announced that the shooter will be ported to the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. And that’s still in 2020. As Creative Director Leroy Athanassoff said, Rainbow Six is ​​getting on PS4 and Xbox Series X:

  • a 4K resolution
  • 120 FPS
  • and it will be a free upgrade for those who already play on PS4 or Xbox One

The developers plan that Rainbow Six will run for at least 5 years. With Season 3 of Year 5 , which started on September 10, almost half of the originally promised 10-year plan has already been achieved.

In our hub you can find out everything you need to know about Season 3 .

Rainbow Six on PS5 and Xbox Series X

What does that mean? The improved performance should be extremely useful when gaming, as a higher frame rate is seen as extremely desirable among shooter players. A faster refresh rate means you can react faster.

So you play more smoothly on PS5 and Xbox Series X than is still the case on current-gen consoles. As has been known since March, the respective platform families (PlayStation 4 and 5 or Xbox One and Series X) will be able to play together (via polygon ).

This is to prevent the community from splitting too much. As the owner of a next-gen console, you will probably have a small advantage over other players with a higher frame rate. According to a leak, however, the PS5 should have problems with the 4K resolution .

When will the consoles appear? The price and release on November 10th have already been announced for the Xbox Series X. There is currently no information available for the PlayStation 5, even if the players are slowly becoming impatient.

A new leak says that the PS5 will be released on November 20th, shortly after the competition from Microsoft.

What’s up in Rainbow Six right now? With Season 3 of Year 5, which started today, a number of changes come into play that will change Rainbow Six properly. Among them are a new operator and a new gadget that you can use to tear down reinforced walls . The operator Sam “Zero” Fisher was shown with a pretty cool cartoon:

However, Athanassoff promised at the forward event that it was far from the end. There will be content that will come into play for years to come, and they want to accompany Rainbow Six for as long as possible. He didn’t get any more specific, but he noted earlier that you weren’t ready for what Rainbow Six has in store for you next year .

PUBG Beginners Guide: Are you a beginner? These tips will help immediately

pubg hack

In this beginner’s guide we show you tips and tricks for PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Beginners can easily find their way into the game.

The popular battle royale shooter “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has now made it out of the early access phase on the PC and is available in the full version.

For the gamers among you who are just starting out with PUBG or who are still looking for a tip or two, we have summarized the most important things here in the beginner’s guide. Pubg mobile kr version esp hack download.

What is PUBG anyway? Weapons and armor

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or “PUBG” for short is a battle royale shooter. With up to 100 players you start together on one map and fight for survival. But only the last survivor wins.

Players fight together on the map for weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles or sniper rifles. For the weapons you collect improvements such as magazines, visors or silencers. Some weapons are exclusive and restricted to a specific map.You can only find these weapons on the Miramar desert map


In order to arm yourself against the gunfire, you collect armor in the form of protective vests or helmets. There are three levels of this

  • Level 1 gives 30% damage reduction and can withstand up to 80 damage before the item is destroyed
  • Level 2 gives 40% damage reduction and can take up to 150 damage before the item is destroyed
  • Level 3 gives 55% damage reduction and can take up to 230 damage before the item is destroyed

Death circles you

There is a safe zone so that not everyone is holed up in their little room armed to the teeth. All players outside this zone will gradually take more damage. This forces the population of the server to restrict their location to the safe zone. We will go into more detail in the section “Blue and Red Zone”.

At the start, the zone is still huge, but it gets smaller over the duration of a match. Whoever wants to survive here not only needs good aiming, but also strong nerves.

First person or third person? It’s a matter of taste

When you start PUBG, you first choose whether you want to start alone or with one or more other players. Your next decision will determine whether you gamble on an FPP (First Person Perspective) or TPP (Third Person Perspective) server.

PUBG Beginners Guide Game Choice

What you choose depends on your taste. In your game, however, everyone will play with the same point of view so that there are no advantages or disadvantages.

PUBG FPP TPPPUBG FPP TPP First person third person comparison

To make the difference clear, we show you two comparison pictures here.

  • As a first-person player, you gamble in the first person view that you know from shooters like CS: GO.
  • The third-person perspective offers a lot of insight into the surroundings by looking over the shoulder.

Map – Erangel or Miramar?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you can play on two different maps.

Erangel is the first map from PUBG. There is an island, lots of green spaces and fields and popular places like the school, where many players often meet for the bloody carnage.

PUBG Marker World Map
The Erangel card from PUBG

Miramar, the second map from PUBG, is a desert-style map. There is little grass here, but more sand and shades of brown. You will also find a small island there, as well as western-style weapons.

The Miramar card

Lobby and airplane – interactive map, where to go?

If you have selected your perspective and the team option, you go to the waiting lobby. All players selected for this match gather there. There is a total of 100 players in one match.

In the lobby, you can hop around, try out weapons, and shoot other players. However, you are all invulnerable there. You will quickly notice the voice chat. You can deactivate it via the menu in the sound options if other players annoy you.

The options available are easily explained. If you click on “Team only” on the voice channel, you can only hear the voice chat of your team members. If you click on “Nobody”, everything is quiet.

PUBG VoiceChat

When the 60 seconds waiting time has expired, each participant goes on the plane. Now press the M key to call up your map.

Now you can see from which direction the plane is flying over the map and which route it has in front of it. That changes with every match to add variety to the game. Now press the jump button (PC standard: F, controller standard: B) to jump out of the aircraft.

PUBG plane jump Miramar

To get down quickly, press and hold the forward button. But where can you get loot? Where are vehicles with which you can move quickly from A to B?

Best Landing Points – Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are a good way of finding your way around the maps. These are available for Erangel and Miramar.

There you set the flight direction of your aircraft and see which spots you can land at in order to quickly find a vehicle. Here we show you how the two maps work and what you can find there:

Land in densely populated places or completely outside?

Opinions on the best landing spots in PUBG differ widely within the community. Some players prefer remote locations away from the crowd. Those outside of the pack then collect their equipment and slowly but surely walk towards the safe zone. By then, a few other players had already erased themselves and the total number of match participants was significantly below 100.

PUBG player title

Good warm-up exercise with many players:

Other players like to end up in the fray, start at conurbations and go straight to the top. Loot the gun and let’s go! This method is particularly suitable for your first 5-10 matches a day. There you warm up and have contact with your opponent. PUBG professionals particularly like to use this method in the first few rounds to train their aiming and to warm up.

First gun and off you go

You parachuted to a position and landed. But what now?

  • Did you notice that a lot of players have flown to this position? Find a weapon quickly. But there is not much time left to sort out. Use the first gun you come across, load it and get ready to find an opponent around every corner or door.
  • Do you search in houses? Close the door behind you. Opponents then do not know whether a player was already in the house and looted there. A great way to surprise your opponents.
    • If the door is open, however, one thing is clear: someone has already been here. Then you and other players know that you should behave carefully there.

In an ideal starter gear, you have a short range weapon, like a shotgun. For longer distances, an assault rifle and a pistol and a few grenades and bandages. There is also a backpack and some armor. A sniper rifle is better suited for longer distances than an assault rifle, but there is little chance that you will find a sniper at the beginning of the game.

Blue and Red Zone

The blue zone is a huge enemy that wants to take your life. Over time, the zone takes up more space on the map and does more damage if you enter it (or if you couldn’t travel to the safe zone fast enough). The blue zone drives the players together in the safety zone and ensures that you move closer and closer to a point on the map.

After jumping out of the plane you have about two minutes until the first blue zone appears.

  • Zone 1: Takes about five minutes to spread. You can survive within the zone for four minutes and ten seconds (starting situation for the next zones always with full life and without counter-healing)
  • Zone 2: Fully expands in two minutes and 20 seconds. In it, players can survive two minutes and 46 seconds.
  • Zone 3: Fully expanded after a minute and 30 seconds. You survive in it for two minutes and five seconds.
  • Zone 4: Only takes a minute more to spread. In the zone you survive one minute and 40 seconds.
  • Zone 5: Takes 40 seconds to spread out. You survive in it for 34 seconds.
  • Zone 6: Is spread out after 30 seconds. You only survive in it for 20 seconds.
  • Zone 7: This zone is also expanded after 30 seconds. Here you only have 15 seconds to survive.
  • Zone 8 is almost completely spread out. You only live in it for 10 seconds.

The red zone – not that deadly in houses

After the first matches you will notice that red zones also appear. We already know from many other situations: red = dangerous. You instinctively run away.

PUBG Red red zone

In PUBG, however, the red zone is not “as” deadly as one thinks. It stays for about half a minute and bombs the selected area of ​​the map. If you move about it openly, you run a high risk. A hit from a bomb means death.

You can find shelter from the bombs in houses. Because somehow the explosives fail to destroy the booths in PUBG. You can then use the loud explosions to your advantage when moving in a building. Because steps from other players are easily ignored.

cheat sheet

In this section we have short tips for you that can help you during the match. Keep this list open on a second monitor or smartphone to quickly peck during a game.

  • Always keep moving
    • If you move, it will be harder for opponents to shoot you. Therefore you should always move. This also applies to looting. Meanwhile, the movement buttons spam. If you stand still, you scream for a headshot.
  • Change seat in the car
    • Depending on the situation, it is important to sit on a certain side of the vehicle. For example, to be undercover when you get out.
      • On the PC you press CTRL (left) and the keys 1,2,3,4 etc. to change the seat.
      • On the controller, press A (hold to switch to the driver’s seat).
  • Only shoot when you are sure that you will kill someone
    • You should avoid unnecessary shooting, otherwise you will reveal your position to the other players.
  • Always keep an eye on the safety zone
    • Pay attention to the timers that are displayed to you in the game.
  • Swimming – diving and surfacing
    • To dive, press the crouch button while swimming.
    • To emerge, press the jump button.
  • Always look around
    • You should always keep an eye on your surroundings both when jumping with the parachute and when running.
      • On the PC you hold down the “ALT” key and move the mouse so that you can look around freely.
      • Hold down “RB” on the controller and look around with the left analog stick.
  • Use loot to set traps
    • If you put popular items such as bandages on the floor of a house, opponents might think that nobody has been in that house. Then hide nearby to surprise the enemy.
  • The killcam is your friend
    • You died No problem. Check out the Killcam recording. There you can see the last seconds of your match from the opponent’s perspective. Here you can quickly find out what went wrong and how you could position yourself better, for example.
  • (Multiplayer) Better communication through coordinates
    • The best way to tell your allies about your opponent’s positions is with directions and coordinates. You can find this at the top of the screen.
    • “Nord-Ost 60 – someone is running across the street” is a clear message
    • “Over there on the stone” usually only brings up the counter question: “Where? Which stone? ” With itself.
  • (Multiplayer) announce cars – opponents or empty?
    • “There is a car” is an imprecise statement. Says directly whether there is an empty car there that you can use or whether you can see a moving car with opponents.
  • (Multiplayer) Announce grenades
    • A short announcement when you throw a grenade is important. This way, teammates know that they shouldn’t push, but wait for the explosion first.
    • It also shows whether the grenade was thrown by you or the enemy.
  • (Multiplayer) Squad Knockout and Prudence
    • When you register as a squad for a match, you fight against other squads. After you’ve knocked out an opponent, you shouldn’t try to kill them too. Keep an eye out for his squad members trying to help their member.

Hot vs. Cool – The dangers of hot and cold drinks

Are you a hot tea drinker or the cool guy with an ice-cold beer in hand? Both have their disadvantages. New results of research and the elimination of a prejudice.


Outside the snow is falling softly and you have to rush to work early. Still, you’d like to take another sip of your tea, which is far too hot. Anyway, because you’re just hot! What do the scientists say?

In a new study, researchers found that drinks that are too hot can cause cancer. In the experiment, the scientists from Tehran University compared the data from 300 esophageal cancer patients with those from healthy people. All sick patients drank an average of one liter of black tea a day. Doctors suspect that fluids above 70 degrees injured the surface of the esophagus. 

Drinking tea that is too hot can have serious health consequences

Why does food get cold but drinks get warm?

As if that wasn’t enough: Drinking tea that is too hot can also destroy the taste buds, promote nosebleeds and damage teeth: 

First to the taste sensation: The sensitive taste buds are located with all their sensory cells in the oral mucosa and are therefore directly exposed to the heat.

Possible nosebleeds after drinking tea comes from hot rising steam. This can widen the blood vessels in the nose and make them more sensitive. 

Patience is a virtue – tea that is not too hot can even extend its lifespan

Tooth damage occurs when small cracks occur in the tooth surface as a result of strong temperature differences. This can make the teeth more sensitive to pain. 

So if you can watch through the window that the snowflakes are deposited on the ground outside – better wait a bit until the tea cools down a bit. 

Doctors recommend being patient for at least four minutes and only enjoy the tea warm. And properly cooled tea can, according to French researchers, even increase life expectancy.  But this is another story.

Do ice cold drinks really cool you down?


To refresh yourself with an ice cold drink on hot summer days – that’s cool. 

But it is not easy for the body to process the chilled drink. He must first heat it up to body temperature so that he can absorb the fluid from the digestive tract. 

In doing so, it consumes a lot of energy – with the paradoxical result that a chilled drink causes those looking for refreshment to be even warmer. So absorbing ice-cold liquid into your heated body is a burden and not a refreshment. 

Refreshment on warm days? – Tea or a shower can help

It’s definitely wrong for cooling off.

Small sips of a drink at body temperature, however, can be refreshing. The fluid supply and sweat create an evaporative cold on the skin, which does not put additional strain on the circulation and cools the body.

It is not without reason that a lot of tea is often drunk in hot countries. Cheers! 

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

You started out with Free Fire, fought your way through a few matches, but still struggling in some areas of the game? Don’t worry – this is perfectly normal. We were all beginners at one time and the only way to become a “master” is to practice as much as possible. However, it is possible to make this journey easier for you by following a few tips. This is what this guide is all about: Let us help you become the king of the island and give you some useful tips and tricks about Free Fire.

Looks don’t matter, but character doesn’t

Things like t-shirts, pants, and hats are just that: things. They don’t give your character an edge in terms of gameplay. Yes, you can make your character look cool, but this is not an MMORPG and your opponents won’t admire your outfit: they’re only there to kill you. Since you can exchange these items for diamonds, they are the in-game currency that you can buy with real money, although they do not offer any real benefits.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

The character, however, is different. He offers an advantage. There are 8 characters in Free Fire. Two of them, Adam and Eve, are unlocked from the start. However, they have no “stats” and no benefits. PS team mod menu download free fire.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

The other six characters offer the following benefits:

  • Nikita – 4% faster reload
  • Misha – 2% faster driving speed
  • Ford – 4% less damage outside the safety zone
  • Andrew – 2% less vest loss of durability
  • Kelly – 1% increased sprint speed
  • Olivia – Revives other players with +6 more HP

You can unlock these heroes with in-game currencies, diamonds (real money) or dollars. (Misha can only be purchased through diamonds.)

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

Note that your status will keep increasing as long as you customize your character. For example Andrew starts with 2% less shelf life loss. It is possible to increase this value by up to 10% by customizing your hero and completing achievements in the game. In this regard, Ford is an excellent hero for advanced endgame strategy that requires skillful use of safe zone boundaries. Check out our Advanced Tactics and Endgame Guide for more information. mrdarkrx mr dark rx free fire update.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

It turns red for a reason.

You have probably noticed that your visor turns red for a few seconds from time to time. There’s a reason for this: it means there is an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger you will meet them. This applies to both target mode (which you activate with the right mouse button) and normal mode. When your visor starts glowing red, pull the trigger – it’s a visual cue that you can hit the enemy. It doesn’t guarantee that you will get a headshot, for example, but that you will definitely damage your opponent. If you’re having trouble shooting your opponents, look out for this visual cue.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

Full throttle

Vehicles are perfect for getting around faster – whether you’re trying to escape a gun battle or trying to get to a specific location, use a vehicle. Vehicles should only be used in the early stages of the game, however. Because a moving vehicle is a big exclamation point that tells everyone where you are. In the beginning, while everyone is fighting against each other, your opponents won’t even notice a moving target.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

However, when there are only a few players left, vehicles are very easy to spot.

Here’s a perfect tactic: use vehicles at the beginning to avoid firefights and have other players kill each other. Once there are only 10 or fewer players left, stop using them and switch to a “sneaky” gameplay.

Fighting is not the answer to everything

When you talk about sneaky games, you will find that other players don’t usually do that, especially not right after the game starts. As soon as you touch the ground with your foot, we can almost guarantee that you will be attacked in a maximum of 10 seconds. Now you can fight back and turn Free Fire into a glorious deathmatch. However, Battle Royale games aren’t about who pulls the trigger faster, it’s about staying alive as long as possible and preparing for the “real” fight at the end of the game.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

So, don’t attack other players right after you land on the island. If you are attacked, don’t hit back. At this stage, it is only luck that determines which player beats the other, not skill. Your goal should be to stay away from other players for as long as possible and let them kill each other. Run into a building or take a vehicle and get away from the conflict. You should collect loot and prepare for the endgame. It is possible to win Free Fire by shooting just once – you only have to kill one player to become the king of the island.

Don’t stop

Surprisingly, you will find that most of your opponents stand still during the fight. This is because they are playing Free Fire on their phone and it is impossible to move and shoot at the same time. You don’t have this disadvantage: since you’re using BlueStacks, you can play Free Fire with your mouse and keyboard. That’s a much bigger benefit than you think. Use your keyboard to move around during combat and your mouse to shoot – that easy.

Mobile players cannot hit a moving target: aiming takes quite a bit of effort and therefore they often stop.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

Dance around your opponents and be always on the move. This makes it easier for you to kill opponents more easily and efficiently. If someone starts shooting at you and you can’t see the archer’s location, start zigzagging until you find something to use as cover. When you start a fight with an enemy you can see, start circling around them. As long as you don’t stop, mobile gamers can’t seriously harm you.

We hope you have found the tips in this guide helpful. Tell us what you think of our tips in this guide and how they helped you in the early stages of the game.

Uranium reserves in the world

When it comes to uranium resources, a distinction is made between safely recoverable reserves, which can be mined at costs of up to 80 dollars per kilogram, and those with extraction costs of up to 130 dollars per kilogram.

In addition to these main sources, experts cite the so-called speculative resources as a third category. In addition, there is uranium from stocks and, above all, from old nuclear weapons stocks. The latter is almost exclusively enriched uranium. This material has a higher proportion of the isotope uranium-235 than naturally occurring uranium.

This isotope is critical to the use of uranium for power generation with current nuclear reactors. It contains 235 core components, so-called nucleons, which are composed of 92 protons and 143 neutrons. In nature, uranium-235 only accounts for 0.7 percent. The main part with 99 percent is the isotope U-238 with 146 neutrons. How many calories in uranium?

There is also great potential in the extraction of uranium from seawater, which has already been proven several times as a technical possibility. The amount of uranium in seawater is currently estimated at several billion tons.

The energy value of one ton of uranium is between 0.4 and 0.7 petajoules and depends on the type of reactor used and the type of fuel cycle used.

In order to assess the potential of the reserves and resources of uranium, it should be noted that only uranium-235 is used in the current reactors, which makes up almost one percent of natural uranium. The plutonium produced in the reactor during the fission of U-235 can be reprocessed and used for further energy generation or it is transferred directly to a repository for radioactive substances. The so-called fast breeder technology offers a much more effective use of the uranium, since with them the remaining 99 percent of the nuclear energy of the uranium-238 isotope can be used for energy generation. This would increase the potential of natural uranium for energy generation by a factor of 60 or more.