Gods of Boom for iOS and Android

Boom, boom, I shot you down. I doubt Nancy will rewrite her text again, but at least the passage with the falling to earth is correct. The adaptation of the lyrics, which is so free and certainly sufficient for a penultimate place at the song contest, is of course due to an app title. Today Gods of Boom just came out. Oookay, not as mega fresh as a piece of asparagus straight from the field, more as fresh as a fast food menu just before closing time. This is already shown by the over 1 million downloads on Android and version number 2. The soft launch was already in other countries, now it is available worldwide, which probably means more opponents. Developer Game Insight , better known here for its building games with dragons, has tackled the genre of multiplayer shooting. Gods of boom game hack get it now!

Recently I was watching two children and I heard “Head Shot” from one of them and the other added, “This is particularly painful”. Football was hip and as senseless and brutal as the sport must feel for the ball, lawn sport never more reaches the brutality of a multiplayer fighting game. Anyway, Gods of Boom is USK 16, that much in advance.

Gods of Boom gameplay
Here our team, there somewhere on the map the other faction. Red against blue, tooth and tooth. Grenade after grenade. Shot after shot. Okay, understand the gameplay? The app is a fairly conventional PvP shooter, with the auto fire being the special feature. However, like auto aiming, it can also be switched off. The buttons for the actions can also be placed anywhere on the screen. Run, jump and escape through very different maps, all from a first-person perspective. Of course, the app immediately reminds you of … Team Fortress. Don’t you know Then maybe Gameloft’s adpation, Blitz Brigade, which has been successful for many years. There are differences and the best thing is that Gods of Boom has a lot of maps. 48 namely. No, it was the guns, not the cards. So 48 weapons from fast-firing assault rifles, area-covering shotguns to rifles for snipers or machine guns for the brawlers like on the home screen. There was something else … cards. There are a few. Skyscraper, European Small Town Labor, Mexico. I haven’t explored all of them yet.

Gods of Boom wins if you outdo the other team in terms of points in the limited time. You can die as often as you like, but you’re not there for the team during the respawn time. What I definitely miss is an overview map of the current level. Where are the opponents and how do I get to them? However, it is easy to find fellow players – in the clan, which enables group combat as game modes.

Gods of Boom is a free download, but there is an extensive shop: You can buy game currency or boxes with random content. There are numerous weapons that are only available in the shop for premium currency and the prices are around 15 euros, for example for the destroyer. Hm. To get further up the rankings, a little change is probably not bad. There are only timer-controlled boxes every 6 hours for free. You can watch advertising for the reward doubling.

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